ATENA 4.2.7g Upgrade

Upgrade from ATENA 4.1.0 and later to 4.2.7g for users with a valid maintenance agreement. Please download and run the installation file: ATENA_V427g_Upgrade_Install.exe, size 384 029 340B (Build 11/05/30 rev.5844, GUI 3D, 2D, ATENA-GiD scripts rev. 5726). 
If you have problems with the upgrade installation, please contact us for help/an installation CD.

Main changes since 4.2.7b:

  • Added bond material model for cyclic loads (CCBarWithMemoryBond)
  • Newer version of the T3D mesh generator
  • Fixed displaying crack width in AtenaWin
  • Fixed a bug with monitors in construction process in ATENA 3D
  • Czech texts which slipped into the English version of ATENA 2D changed to English
  • Fixed a bug in binding reinforcement to volume elements
  • Fixed a bug in Fire Boundary condition
  • Fixed an unneccessary Floating Point Exception and another bug in Interface material
  • Other small fixes and changes in the kernel (monitors on reinforcement, fatigue, boundary load, lumped masses in dynamics)
  • Updated ATENA-GiD scripts
  • Updated Manuals

You can find a detailed changelist in the Readme.txt file.