ATENA 4.3.0k Upgrade

Upgrade from ATENA 4.1.0 and later to 4.3.0k for users with a valid maintenance agreement. Please download and run the installation file: ATENA_V430k_Upgrade_Install.exe, size 660 073 058B (Build 12/02/21 rev.6801, GUI 3D 06.02.2012, 2D 27.02.2012, ATENA-GiD scripts rev. 6739).
If you have problems with the upgrade installation, please contact us for help/an installation CD.

Main changes since 4.2.7g:

  • First 64bit version of the ATENA kernel, AtenaConsole, and AtenaWin (x64)
  • Completely new graph component in AtenaWin
  • Improved implementation of hydration heat and general heat sources/sinks (material CCTransportMaterialLevel7)
  • Added option to apply initial opening on contacts (LOAD INITIAL GAP)
  • Added a new parameter UNLOADING to control unloading in the NonLinearCementitious2 material family
  • Fixed a problem causing mesh generation erros with some ATENA 3D models
  • Fixed a bug when copying springs in ATENA 3D
  • Updated a2g utility importing results into GiD for postprocessing: better support of reinforcement results, fixed a few small problems
  • Added function to check if a newer version is available
  • Many small fixes and improvements in the kernel, AtenaWin/AtenaConsole, ATENA 2D and 3D GUEs, ATENA-GiD, and in the installer

You can find a detailed changelist in the Readme.txt file.