ATENA 5.3.2 Installer

Installer of ATENA version 5.3.2 for users with a valid maintenance agreement. The recommended way to get the current ATENA version is to run the ATENA Update Check utility. Alternatively, you can download and run the install file below, size 1 005 179 143B. Release version 5.3.2, November 27th, 2015. (Build 25.11.2015 rev.12349, ATENA Studio, GUI 3D 13.11.2015, 2D 13.11.2015, SARA 13.11.2015, ATENA-GiD scripts rev. 12367).

If the license in your HASP key does not allow to run the current version, please follow the instructions from

If you have problems with the downloaded installation, please contact us for help or an installation CD. Please also contact us if you wish to extend/renew your maintenance.

Please note there 3 known issues we are working on:

1. the issue of some condition types missing in the Dynamic analysis problemtype can be solved by downloading the corrected ATENA-GiD scripts from our web:
2. reading old results (including models calculated in 5.1.x versions).
3. running analysis with Interface Elements in ATENA Engineering 3D.
If you encounter some of the above, or plan work with Interface Elements in Engineering 3D, or to postprocess results from analyses run in older versions, return to/stay with 5.1.2d (or 5.1.3f if you have it), or wait for 5.3.3.

Main changes:

(a) improved robustness and validation of ATENA for seismic and dynamic analyses
(b) support for the new Austrian tunnelling method
(c) improved 3D beam elements for efficient modelling of large scale high rise building frames
(d) improvements in high-cycle fatigue model for concrete in pension
(e) support for parametric definitions in ATENA input/command file
(f) new extrude option enables pure brick meshes in extruded regions in ATENA 3D
(g) probabilistic module SARA/RLACS available also for ATENA Science
(h) plus many other improvements, corrections and bug fixes in ATENA 2D/3D, GiD Interface, ATENA Science and ATENA Studio