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Červenka Consulting was founded in 1992. Our team consists of full time engineers/developers/specialists, external programmers and students. The company specializes in numerical analysis of concrete structures and provides consulting and software in this field. Company know-how is based on many years of experience in the field of concrete mechanics and computational methods. It is an internationally recognized expert in the field of mechanics of concrete structures. Since August 2008, the company's quality management is certified according to ISO 9001. The members of the research team actively participate in several international professional and scientific organizations, FIB, IA-FraMCos, and IABSE.

The company is extensively involved in consulting services and software development. Main software product is the program ATENA for non-linear finite element analysis of reinforced concrete structures. This program can simulate the real structural behavior including concrete cracking, crushing and reinforcement yielding. The software has been extensively validated on experimental data and international round robin prediction analysis, and is currently distributed in Europe, Japan, Korea, Middle East and U.S.A. Currently the company is developing new version of the product for more general applications. About half of the company revenue comes from consulting and research projects.

Currently the company is also working on research projects funded by the Czech National Science Foundation dealing with the modeling of compressive concrete failure and time dependent behavior. The expertise of the company will be utilized in this project for simulation of underground reinforced concrete structures under fire exposure. The program system ATENA can be adapted for this purpose. Software ATENA is conceptually object-orientated and based on a MS-Windows environment. The non-linear material models in ATENA are based on the theories of fracture mechanics and plasticity. These models are extended into the range of temperature-dependent material behavior during fire. ATENA software supports dynamic, static, creep, thermal and moisture analysis.

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