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On-line Advanced ATENA User Seminar 2021

Jun 16, 2021 - Jun 18, 2021,

Due to the continuing limitations on movement of people around the world, we decided to organize our regular user seminar on-line, as we did last year.

Dear users of ATENA software,

we would like to invite you to our On-line Advanced ATENA User Seminar in English language, on June 16-18, 2021

The content of the seminar is arranged such that it concentrates on fewer topics, but provide a deeper coverage and more hands on experience with particular problems. Based on the feedback from our hotline support we selected several topics, where we expect that ATENA users could benefit most from more in-depth explanation or background information.


- Overview v5.9 – ATENA overview, new features
- Material theory – Overview of ATENA materials, focus on Cementitious2, tensile, compression, crack band limits, reinforced concrete
- Durability, corrosion and ASR – theory, examples
- Modelling of dynamic problems, free vibration and seismic accelerograms
- Modelling of 3D printing
- Modelling using 1D/3D beam elements and 2D/3D shell elements and their combination with solid elements
- Modelling of reinforcement: normal, bond, pre-stressing, GFRP
- Evaluation of results, postprocessing, failure mode, visualization of internal forces MNQ
- Fibre-reinforced concrete, automated identification software APIS-FRC
- Cycling modelling, how to define cycling loading history, suitable choice of input and material parameters


The seminar attendants are expected to have basic working knowledge of ATENA Science and GiD, at least at the level corresponding to successfully finishing the ATENA-GiD Tutorial example.


The registration fee will be 200 €, payable to the bank account or via credit card in the registration form.


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