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ATENA 2023 Beta Version release

Dear colleagues and ATENA friends,

we hope you are doing well, and you are enjoying this year's summer to the maximum.

As previously announced, we are releasing the ATENA 2023 version for public beta testing. The full commercial version is planned for the end of 2023. We have been working on ATENA 2023 for quite a long time, so please kindly apologize delays in the completion of this version. Now it is ready to be used. We have uploaded this public beta version on our website to be downloadable for everyone who has the updated license or just bought a new version recently. Of course, we have not forgottten about those who want to test it prior to purchasing it. This beta version is also available as a 30-day trial version with full capabilities.

ATENA 2023 Beta will be installed in a separate directory so that it does not affect your previous ATENA installation. Separate version of ATENA Center 2023 will be also installed, and can be used to access the various components of the ATENA system.
However, if you select to install same GiD version, it will upgrade your ATENA-GiD scripts, which may result in some incompatibilities. It is therefore recommended that you select different GiD version during ATENA 2023 installation.

ATENA 2023 beta version represents a milestone in our latest software development as we are introducing the new preprocessor that unifies ATENA 2D and 3D into a single user evironment. 


Fig. 1: ATENA 2023 uses ATENA Studio for runtime analysis visualization and post-processing.


Fig. 2: 3D model of a historical bridge in the environment of the new ATENA 2023 pre-processor

We would love to have your feedback, so that we can make last fixes before the final release. Everyone who uses an updated version of ATENA 3D, ATENA Science or ATENA Full is encouraged to explore the new features of  this unified environment. Those who own ATENA 2D Engineering only, are recommended to upgrade to ATENA 3D Engineering. 

ATENA Engineering supports static analysis of reinforced concrete structures. The new version is also compatible with the current Science version, which will still remain the main product for more advanced analyses such as creep, transport or dynamic. If compared to the existing ATENA 2D & 3D Engineering, it contains the following main improvements:

  • 2D and 3D modelling and preprocessing is combined into a single environment,
  • curved NURBS lines and surfaces are supported,
  • stronger compatibility with ATENA Science,
  • import of *.gid models as well as old *.cc2 and *.cc3 data files,
  • scripting support using Python programming language,
  • support for layers as in other modelling programs,
  • possibility to develop user defined material libraries as well as materials,
  • support for construction process modelling both in 2D and 3D,
  • durability models for reinforcement corrosion and alkali-silica reaction,
  • modelling and simulation of 3D concrete printing,
  • BIM based internal data format,
  • our popular AtenaStudio program is used for unique runtime visualization and control,
  • fully built on 64-bit technology and supporting larger computer memory capacity and speed,
  • analysis time increased by a factor 2-3 for more complex problems with extensive internal reinforcement,
  • import of other data formats such as: ifc, iges will be fully implemented in future releases.

Fig. 3: View of axi-symmetric analysis definition in the new ATENA 23 pre-processor


Fig. 4: Large scale 3D model of a composite steel-concrete cable stayed bridge in ATENA 2023 imported from a previous GiD model.

A webinar including a tutorial example in the new ATENA 2023 Engineering Preprocessor is available on our youtube channel here.

In the near future, we are planning gradually to integrate the features of ATENA Science and Engineering into a single user environment. As for now, ATENA Science is recommended for analyses with complicated 3D models, or when you need to model transport problems or dynamic and long-term behavior (creep & shrinkage).

We will keep you updated on any development in this new ATENA 2023 environment. Stay tuned and follow our YouTube Channel where we are presenting new videos and tutorials on ATENA applications and examples.

Please, feel free to ask our team at cervenka@cervenka.cz for any queries you may have about this new release.

We look forward to hearing from you or seeing you in one of the upcoming webinars or international conferences.

With best regards from Prague

Your Červenka Consulting ATENA team


Fig. 5: Internal reinforcement defined in the new ATENA 23 pre-processing module

We strongly support our users in their simulation work with ATENA. Support is mainly provided by email and phone calls. The solution to many questions can be found also in our FAQ & Online Forum. New versions of ATENA are released every year. Maintenance is provided for free for one year after the software purchase. After that it can be prolonged at an annual rate coresponding to 15% of the program price.

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