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Newsletter June 2022

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

we hope you are doing well. We would like to inform you on the latest development on ATENA and other products in this first 2022 newsletter.

We are happy that the covid restrictions all over the world are gradually being lifted, and we can start to attend conferences and exhibitions to meet our users and friends. This year we have already taken part at the ACI event in Florida as well as at the Czech Concrete Days in Prague (Czech Rep.). Also we have attended the IABSE symposium in Prague and the EURO-C conference in Vienna at the same time. Visiting conferences means being closer to our customers and practicing engineers. This is what we have missed a lot throughout last couple of years. We are planning to take part in more events this year. You will be notified of our presence in advance.

We have improved our YouTube channel where we are adding more tutorials and videos on different topics that are frequently discussed in the concrete world. As we have received a positive feedback on our YouTube channel, we decided to organize webinars each month explaining the ATENA applications to structural problems in more detail. We will continue organizing more such webinars in the comming months. Everyone can participate, it is free of charge.

With best regards from Prague and we hope to see you around in one of the international events this year!

Your ATENA team 

ATENA development - ATENA Engineering will be updated

We are continuously working on expanding the capabilities of our ATENA software. Our main focus now is to bring our standard product ATENA Engineering to a higher level. We plan to release a new version of this product at the end of this year.

Public beta version should be available to our users with a valid maintenance license at the beginning of this fall. ATENA Engineering supports static analysis of reinforced concrete structures. The new version will be more compatible with the current Science version. If compared to the existing ATENA 2D & 3D Engineering, it will contain the following main improvements:

- 2D and 3D modelling and preprocessing will be combined into a single environment,
- curved NURBS lines and surfaces will be supported,
- stronger compatibility with ATENA Science,
- import of *.gid models,
- scripting support using Python programming language,
- import of other data formats such as: ifc, iges,
- support for layers as in other modelling programs,
- possibility to develop user defined material libraries as well as materials,
- support for construction process modelling both in 2D and 3D,


Fig. 1: Screenshot of new ATENA-PRE showing the definition an axi-symetric model of NPP containment and its full 3D preview


Fig. 2: Screenshot of the definition of pre-stressing cables in a full 3D model for a nonlinear simulation of a segmental bridge construction

- durability models for reinforcement corrosion and alkali-silica reaction,
- modelling and simulation of 3D concrete printing,
- BIM based internal data format,
- our popular AtenaStudio program is used for unique runtime visualization and control,
- fully built on 64-bit technology and supporting larger computer memory capacity and speed.

The release of this new version will represent an important step in ATENA history. Our goal is to gradually combine our Engineering and Science product lines into a single transparent environment allowing users to perform all modelling and simulation in a single, powerfull and user-friendly package.

This first release will replace the original ATENA 2D and 3D programs, which are based on the old 32-bit technology. The new version will allow to fully exploit the current 64-bit computer technology. The compatibility with previous 2D and 3D programs will be preserved, which means that it will be possible to import the old *.cc2 and *.cc3 files.

Please, make sure your maintenance licence remains valid so that you are entitled to download this new version when it becomes available. Contact our sales representatives (cervenka@cervenka.cz) to be eligible for this new upgrade.


Fig. 3: Screenshot of reinforcement definition and construction sequence in the simulation of segmental bridge construction

New Projects Started in 2022


Partners: SAFIBRA, s.r.o., Červenka Consulting s.r.o., The Czech Technical University in Prague - Faculty of Electrical Engineering

The project develops a software system for the assessment of reliability and sustainability of transport structures using the „Digital Twin“ concept. The Digital Twin enables to follow the overall structural behavior in real time on the basis of measured response at monitored locations. The Digital Twin approach allows for rapid assessment of the structural behavior and the prediction of the evolution of structural safety and reliability in the future. The project results will be used in the management and effective planning of the transport structure maintenance. The Digital Twin combines the technologies of three fields: advanced computational mechanics for nonlinear modeling of structures, artificial intelligence and deep learning and monitoring techniques using optical fiber sensors.


Fig. 4: Pilot application of the digital twin concept on a bridge in Czech Republic: installation of the monitoring system (top), failure mode simulation in ATENA software (bottom)


Fig. 5: Modelling of 3D printed concrete structure in ATENA software

Bowi (Boosting Widening Digital Innovation Hubs)

An international project funded by Horizon 2020.

Cloud Based Application for Simulation of 3D Printing of Concrete

A cloud computing application will be developed for online simulation and validation of 3D printing of concrete structures. The application builds upon the results of the previous international project DigiCON2, where we have developed a special module for the simulation and modelling of 3D printing of concrete on the basis of software ATENA. It will be extended for cloud computing and G-code based model definition.

Success Stories

A nonlinear finite element study

It is our pleasure to introduce the excellent work using ATENA software from Dr. Benny Suryanto from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh in cooperation with Dr. Asdam Tambusay from Institut Technology Sepuluh Nopember, Surabaya.

This work presents the results of forensic assessments on reinforced concrete half-joint beams tested within the literature through the application of nonlinear finite element analyses. The software package ATENA Science was utilised, in which critical evaluations were conducted into the accuracy of the software in predicting the response of reinforced concrete half-joints with inadequate reinforcement detailing.

W. Don, B. Suryanto, A. Tambusay and P. Suprobo: Forensic assessments of the influence of reinforcement detailing in reinforced concrete half-joints: A nonlinear finite element study, Elsevier Ltd., February 2022 https://doi.org/10.1016/j.istruc.2022.02.029


Fig. 6: Comparison of predicted and observed load–deflection response for half-joint specimens with different bar configurations and predicted failure crack patterns at different loads


Fig. 7: Crack pattern from the experiment

Experimental Investigation and Numerical Simulation

Another very nice and interesting work comes from the team of Queensland University of Technology, Australia, United Arab Emirates University, and Seismic Solutions company, New Zealand: N. Khattak, M. Mansour, T. El-Maaddawy and N. Ismail: Continuous Reinforced Concrete Beams Strengthened with Fabric-Reinforced Cementitious Matrix: Experimental Investigation and Numerical Simulation, Bulidings journal, 12/2022, https://doi.org/10.3390/buildings12010027

This research aims to examine the nonlinear flexural behavior of continuous RC beam specimens strengthened with fabric-reinforced cementitious matrix (FRCM) composites through experimental testing and numerical modeling. A total of nine two-span RC beam specimens were constructed and tested.

ATENA Webinars

Past webinars 2022:

Webinar 1: Safety formats of RC structures according to FiB standards: presentation part1, part2

Webinar 2: How to model reinforcement bond in ATENA software

Webinar 3: Bond modelling in ATENA

Webinar 4: Modelling of pre-stressed concrete structures in ATENA software

Webinar 5: Simulation and modelling of durability and strengthening in reinforced concrete structures


Fig. 8: ATENA Studio: Analysis of the stress distribution in FRP fabrics once they are activated by concrete micro-cracking


Fig. 9: ATENA simulation of reinforcement corrosion in RC beam and subsequent strengthening using FRP sheets

Future webinars:

Webinar 6: Basic and advanced modelling in GiD preprocessor for ATENA simulation

Webinar 7: Modelling of early age concrete, hydration heat and moistrure development

Webinar 8: Fire modelling by using nonlinear thermal analysis and transporting the results into a nonlinear temperature dependent stress and cracking analysis

Webinar 9: Fatigue modelling of tensile concrete cracking in ATENA

All webinars are free of charge. They will be also recorded and available on CervenkaConsulting YouTube channel. Please follow our website and social media for future webinar dates and registration.

NRG-STORAGE workshop

October 28th, 2022, Prague, Czech Republic
Open public workshop on NRG-STORAGE project: the main objective of the project is to develop a novel ultra-light concrete that includes PCMs with both active/passive energy storage systems in non-residential buildings. https://nrg-storage.eu/

This will be a first public workshop presenting this unique phase change material to improve the energy performance of buildings. The workshop is targeted for professionals and researchers working in the area of sustainable and energy efficient buildings or in modern materials and technologies for thermal insulation.

The registration form will appear soon on our website.


Fig. 10: Main project goals and highlights

Where You Can Meet Us

June 12-16, 2022
fib International Congress
Oslo, Norway
Event website

July 4-6, 2022
Central Europe towards Sustainable Building 2022
Prague, Czech Republic
Event website

July 4-6, 2022
Marseille, France
Event website

September 5-7, 2022
The 14th fib PhD Symposium
Rome, Italy
Event website


Fig. 11: Colleagues at ATENA exhibition booth, Prague Concrete Days 2022


Fig. 12: EURO-C conference hall in Vienna

September 13-14, 2022
13th Central European Congress on Concrete Engineering CCC
Zakopane, Tatra Mountains, Poland
Event website

October 23-27, 2022
ACI Fall
Dallas, TX, USA
Event website

December 7-9, 2022
International Accelerated Bridge Construction Conference
Miami, FL, USA
Event website

Recent ATENA Articles

CERVENKA, J., HERZFELDT, M., CAGGIANO, A., KOENDERS, E., Evaluation of Thermal and Mechanical Properties of Demonstration Wall utilizing Phase Change Cementitious Materials, Central Europe towards Sustainable Building, July 4-6, 2022, Prague

RYMES, J.,  CERVENKA, J., PUKL, R., Advanced Modeling Of Concrete Structures For Improved Sustainability, Central Europe towards Sustainable Building, July 4-6, 2022, Prague

CERVENKA, V., RIMKUS, A., GRIBNIAK, V., CERVENKA, J. (2022), Simulation of the crack width in reinforced concrete beams based on concrete fracture, Theoretical and Applied Fracture Mechanics, VOLUME 121, 103428, ISSN 0167-8442, HTTPS://DOI.ORG/10.1016/J.TAFMEC.2022.103428; https://authors.elsevier.com/c/1fFyucAT7Ek9S

CERVENKA, J., SMEJKAL, F., CERVENKA, V., On the application of nonlinear analysis in the design and assessment of reinforced concrete structures, Plenary lecture, Euro-C, Computational Modelling of Concrete and Concrete Structures, Eds. Meschke, Pichler & Rots, ISBN 978-1-032-32724-2, 2022, pp. 8-21

RYMES, J., CERVENKA , J., PUKL, R., Advanced modelling of concrete bridges, IABSE Symposium Prague 2022, Challenges for Existing and Oncoming Structures  May 25-27, 2022, Prague, Czech Republic 

APOSTOLIDI, E., SOMODIKOVA, M., STRAUSS, A., NOVAK, D., PUKL, R., LEHKY, D. (2022), Modelling of Nonlinear and Uncertain Behavior of Concrete Bridges. In: Pellegrino C., Faleschini F., Zanini M.A., Matos J.C., Casas J.R., Strauss A. (eds) Proceedings of the 1st Conference of the European Association on Quality Control of Bridges and Structures. EUROSTRUCT 2021. Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering, vol 200. Publisher Springer, Cham. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-030-91877-4_29, Print ISBN 978-3-030-91876-7, Online ISBN 978-3-030-91877-4 Z

CERVENKA, J., Models for nonlinear analysis of concrete structures, Seminar at Prince Sultan University, Riadh, Saudi Arabia, Sept. 15th, 2021

CERVENKA, J., Modeling of Reliability and Durability of Reinforced Concrete Structures, Seminar at Australian Concrete Institute, Oct. 14th, 2021

CERVENKA, J., Modelling and nonlinear analysis of offshore structures, ASRANet, Structural Integrity 2021, Nov. 15-16, online

REHOUNEK, L., CERVENKA, J., PUKL, R., Analysis for Optimization of Spiral Reinforcement in Pre-Fabricated Bridge Columns, IABSE Congress Ghent 2021 - Structural Engineering for Future Societal Needs, Sep. 22 - 24

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