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Advanced Tool for Engineering Nonlinear Analysis. A user friendly software for nonlinear analysis of reinforced concrete structures.


Simulates real behavior of concrete and reinforced concrete structures including concrete cracking, crushing and reinforcement yielding.

Gives engineers the power to check and verify their concrete stucture design in a user friendly and unique graphical enviroment.

ATENA has over 2500 installations worldwide (Germany, Japan, India, China, USA, UK, Italy, South Korea, Australia, Thailand…etc.).

Key Features

  • Simulates the real behavior of reinforced concrete structures
  • 3D environment
  • User friendly modeling of reinforcement
  • Unique visualization of crack propagation
  • Real-time display of results even during the nonlinear analysis
  • Based on finite element method and fracture mechanics
  • Advanced material models for concrete, reinforcement, steel, rock, soil and masonry
  • Support for the analysis of modern fiber reinforced concrete materials: SHCC, ECC, HPRFC, UHPFRC
  • Dynamics, statics, creep, thermal and moisture analyses
  • Modeling of high temperature and fire loading on concrete structure
  • Software for design or assessment of new or existing concrete structures
  • Modeling of structural durability and reinforcement corrosion


Software for Probabilistic Analysis of Concrete and Reinforced Concrete Structures


Nature is nonlinear and random. SARA is integrated engineering tool for probabilistic-based assessment of engineering structures using elite nonlinear material models.

Key Features

  • Probabilistic analysis based on ATENA nonlinear models
  • Stratified sampling method based on latin hypercube sampling (LHS)
  • Sensitivity analysis or model parameter identification


Software for Design of Masonry Buildings according to Eurocode 6 and 8


The program will help engineers to design safe masonry buildings in the seismic regions of Europe. This development was initiated by the introduction of Eurocode 6 and 8 in Europe. These standards have become mandatory in the European Union starting from March 2010, and they enforce strong rules for masonry buildings in seismic regions. AmQuake is using pushover analysis and the equivalent frame method to check the seismic safety of masonry buildings in a graphical user friendly environment.

Key Features

  • Brick choice - Select your masonry unit from the catalogue of Wienerberger products.
  • CAD building floor plan directly imported via DXF
  • Seismic assessment using pushover analysis
  • Based on Eurocode 2, 6, and 8
  • Localized into 11 European versions and translated into 14 languages


Multipurpose probabilistic software for statistical, sensitivity and reliability analysis of engineering problems.


It allows to simulate uncertainties of the problem at random variables level (typically in civil/mechanical engineering – material properties and loading, geometrical imperfections.

Key Features

  • Includes state-of-the-art probabilistic simulation algorithms to compute the probabilistic response and reliability.
  • Stratified sampling methods: Latin hypercube sampling (LHS)
  • FORM

Mechanical Finder

Software to evaluate bone strength by considering entire bone as a three-dimensional structure and applying finite element analysis.


As computer simulation has been widely used for analysis such as strength of structure or flow of fluid, it is indispensable in engineering. Simulation is also spreading in medical research, for example blood flow in the vessel or joint force during walking.

Key Features

  • All in one complete biomechanical analysis in one product, the CT data to strength analysis can be found all in one user-comfort tool
  • 3D model unique support generation of complex 3D models based on CT patient data
  • Stress Analysis quantitative determination of bone strength or attachment of the implant


ATENA in the cloud.


Full ATENA experience on preinstaled cloud computers. No special platform or hardware requirements.

Key Features

  • Remote Desktop - use ATENA as if installed on your local computer. No licence needed.
  • Remote Calculation - run your analysis remotely on powerful cloud computers.
  • Platform independent - any system with remote desktop client will do. Even iOS & Android.
  • Free trial period - up to 5 hours of free use with initial credit worth EUR 25.

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