ATENA 4.2.6b Upgrade

Upgrade from ATENA 3.3.2 and later to 4.2.6b for users with a valid maintenance agreement. Please download and run the installation file: ATENA_V426b_Upgrade_Install.exe, size 305 022 636B (Build 09/12/01, GUI 3D, 2D, ATENA-GiD scripts rev. 3083).
If you have problems with the upgrade installation, please contact us for help/an installation CD.

Main changes since 4.1.4a:

Besides many corrections and improvements based on user suggestions, problems and comments, this version includes the following improvements compared to 4.1.4a:

  • new features in concrete material models based on the Modified Compression Field theory of Prof. Collins
    • compressive strength reduction due to cracking
    • shear strength of cracked concrete based on aggregate interlock
    • alternatively compression and shear strength can be arbitrarily specified by user defined laws
  • improved ATENA-GiD interface. This interface that is used mainly in ATENA Science has been significantly improved to make it much easier for users to exploit the extensive capabilities of the advanced ATENA Science product.

You can find a detailed changelist in the Readme.txt file.