Fire Load Patch for ATENA 4.2.7

Download and install this patch if you are experiencing problems with ATENA 4.2.7 transport analysis when the "Fire Boundary" condition is applied, e.g., unexpected negative temperatures.

This patch is intended for ATENA 4.2.7-4.2.7c. If you have ATENA 4.2.7d or later, you do NOT need this patch - the fix is already included since that version.

To check if the fix solves your problem, please
1. go to the ATENA installation directory (typically, C:\Program Files\CervenkaConsulting\AtenaV4)
2. make a backup copy of the file CCStructuresTransport.dll
3. unzip the downloaded archive and overwrite CCStructuresTransport.dll with the unpacked version
4. re-run the problematic analysis

Please let us know how it works.