HASP Network License Manager 8.32

Download and install this software if you are experiencing problems with ATENA network hardlocks. This software is to be installed on the computer where ATENA Hasp hardlock key (should be red)is attached.

If you are installing this software on Windows 2000/NT/XP systems it is recommended to install it as a service. This choice will appear during the installation process.

Is is recommended that the latest HASP driver 5.50 is installed on the computer where hardlock is attached as well as on the client computer running ATENA.

If you have more WR licences on your site, it is neccessary to configure a nethasp.ini file with the IP address of the licence server in the ATENA program directory. See the comments of the NH_SERVER_ADDR = line in the [NH_TCPIP] section.