Older HASP Driver Command Line Installation v. 4.99/5.22

Download and install this driver ONLY if you are experiencing problems with the utility for upgrading an ATENA hardlock after a license extension. Typical messages reported by the HASPPROG utility are "Hardlock not found", "Error -100", or "Error -2" ). Please understand this driver only supports 32bit operating systems.

  1. Unplug the hardlock from the computer
  2. Unzip the archive into some directory and run the Hinstall.exe program. In that directory type the following command
    hinstall -r -kp -alldrv
    this should fully uninstall any drivers
  3. Now install the driver using the same program in the same directory by typing the following command:
    hinstall -i
  4. Now attach the hardlock to the computer. Run the HASP upgrading utility (haspprogXXX_Y).
  5. Try to run ATENA. If there are problems finding the key, please re-install the latest HASP drivers (5.86 or newer)