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ATENA in the Cloud. Full ATENA experience on preinstaled cloud computers. No special platform or hardware requirements. No licence needed.


ATENA Cloud allows you to use our software ATENA and other tools on cloud based computers. These are created instantly, with all needed software pre-installed.

Data can be uploaded/downloaded via the web application. To connect cloud computers created via ATENA Cloud you will need some RDP client software. With ATENA Cloud comes platform independence. Computers can be operated from any operating systems including mobile platforms iOS and Android.

With the new Remote Calculation functionality, you can let ATENA Cloud to run your analysis remotely on powerful cloud computers. You can also run multiple calculations in paralel to save your time. This is useful for example when performing a parametric study.

How to start

  • Request an account here: https://atenacloud.cervenka.cz/login/register
  • As soon as Your account is verified and approved, You will be reminded via email
  • Login to the ATENA Cloud web application here: https://atenacloud.cervenka.cz/
  • Create new virtual computer (My Computers > Add Virtual Computer). It takes 5 - 10 minutes until the computer is prepared and You will be notified via email when it is ready.
  • Click the "Connect button". A rdp configuration file will be downloaded. Open it with any RDP client, such as the one provided with every Windows instalation. Login with your application credentials.
  • Wait until the environment is fully loaded. The ATENA Cloud lanucher app will start automatically on the virtual PC.
  • Now You can choose from available applications.
  • For the data exchange, please, use the C:\ATENACloud folder on the cloud computer. Data within this folder is available for download in the web application. You can also upload data from Your PC to this folder via web interface.


Every account gets initial balance of 2 500 credits (EUR 25). One hour costs approximately 600 credits when the cloud computer is switched on and 0.6 credits when switched off. Charged per minute.


Should You need any help, don't hesitate to contact the product support at petr.branis@cervenka.cz. We will also appreciate reporting of any bug or problems You will face.



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