IdeMaS - A Project Supported by MIT within the FV-Trio Program

IdeMaS - Identification of High Performance Cementitious Composites Coefficients

IdeMaS -   the "FV-Trio" Program of Applied Research and Experimental Development of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic  

Project ID: FV30244

Duration: 01/2018 - 12/2020

Main Partner: Červenka Consulting s.r.o. – Responsible: Ing. Radomír Pukl, CSc.

Partner: VUT Brno – Responsible: doc. Ing. David Lehký, Ph.D.

The aim of the project is to develop methods and software tools for parameter identification of high performance cementitious composites for the purpose of advanced assessment of their fracture–mechanical properties and subsequent numerical simulations of components/structures made of these materials. Their aim is to deepen knowledge about the complexity of the behavior of this advanced and progressive composite material especially in relation to its resistance to crack propagation. The obtained knowledge is a prerequisite for efficient design of this composite andthe consequent expansion of its applicability for the increase of the sustainability of constructed elements, structures and buildings. The proposed methodology and software will be based on experimental and computational methods falling within the field of fracture mechanics, soft computing and reliability theory.


Title: Towards nonlinear reliability assessment of concrete transport structures
Authors: R. Pukl (Červenka Consulting s.r.o.) and D. Novák (VUT Brno)
ISBN: 978-385748159-8
Source Type: Conference Proceeding

Title: Fiber-reinforced cementitious composite: Sensitivity analysis and parameters identification
Authors: NOVÁK, D., LEHKÝ, D., PUKL, R.
ISBN: 978-91-88252-23-4
Source Type: Conference Proceeding
Title: Fiber-reinforced cementitious composite: sensitivity analysis and parameter identification
Authors: NOVÁK, D., LEHKÝ, D., PUKL, R.
ISSN: 0976-3961, doi: 10.5185/amlett.2020.031488
Source Type: Conference Paper

Title: Experimental/computational-based determination of material parameters for nonlinear simulation of UHPFRC
ISBN 978-3-030-58481-8, ISSN 2211-0844, doi: 10.1007/978-3-030-58482-5_48
Source Type: Conference Paper

The results of the project: Fibre-Reinforced Concrete IDentification - 4-Point Bending (FRCID-4PB)
                                                Fibre-Reinforced Concrete IDentification - Shear test (FRCID-S)

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