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Uncertainty modelling in safety formats of concrete structures (completed)

Uncertainty modelling in safety formats of concrete structures

Partners: CTU in Prague – Klokner Institute - doc. Ing. Miroslav Sýkora Ph.D., Cervenka Consulting s.r.o -  Ing. Vladimír Červenka Ph.D., Feng., Brno University of Technology - prof. Ing. Drahomír Novák, DrSc.

Design assisted by numerical simulations has become a widely used tool in reliability verifications of reinforced concrete structures in response to advances of information technology. It offers a better understanding of structural behaviour and brings economic savings due to improved structural performance. This is relevant for situations not covered by simplified engineering methods such as for large and complex structures with multiple failure modes. The project provides missing scientific information related to probabilistic description of basic variables, random fields, structural model uncertainties, and appropriate safety formats. The limits for using simplified verifications based on numerical simulations will be investigated to establish the scope of their application. Methods in standards and newly proposed approaches will be verified by a fully probabilistic approach. In cooperation with international research organisations, research outcomes will be utilised in Eurocodes for structural design, and in documents of fib and of the Joint Committee on Structural Safety.

The goals of the project are:

  • Improvements of probabilistic description of basic variables including spatial variability forreinforced concrete structures.
  • Specification of model uncertainty characteristics for non-linearfinite element methods.
  • Safety formats for design and assessment assisted by numerical simulations.


Fig. 1: Massive RC slab with embedded girders Global Assessment of ULS.


 Fig. 2: Global safety format should include also a suitable evaluation of modelling uncertainty.

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